About U-GameZ


Hi, my name is Janek.


I'm from Germany and was born in 1989, so I grew up in the good old 90's.

Since I got my first Gameboy from my aunt, I'm a huge Nintendo fan :)

I started to make silly PC games with my friend (who sadly passed away a few years ago) as

"U-GameZ" back in 2008.


My current projects are Abstráctomon Venom Violet Version, a Pokémon (GBA era) inspired game for Windows...

...and Error Ware 2, a Wario-Ware like party game with lots of quick microgames and quirky characters for Windows.

I'm doing all the graphics, music, sounds and coding by myself, so it takes a while...

I'm also creating music and graphics for other small game developers from time to time.


Check out the "GameZ" page to see all games I've worked on so far! 


For development update videos, take a look at my YouTube channel. You can also read my devlogs on GameJolt and itch.io. You can play a free demo of Error Ware 2 (and soon Abstráctomon) there, too!


If you have questions or want to help me with coding, music, art or promoting games (I'm using Game Maker) you can tweet me @UGameZ_McJey or write an email at ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com !


Also, I really enjoy watching people play my games, so if you want to make a video or stream it live, feel free to do so & and send me a link so I can share it :)


Have a nice day!