Get ready for a wild ride in this crazy microgame fest!

Is your brain fast enough for Error Ware?


Try to beat a never ending series of just second-short minigames, while the game is getting faster and faster!



  • Over 30 crazy minigames in 3 difficulties
  • Multiplayer mode "Error Party" for up to 4 players
  • Gameboy-like "Error Boy - Games"
  • Collectable Boss challenges, music and stickers
  • Choose between English and German language
  • Playable with keyboard and mouse or Wii Remote

Mach dich bereit für einen wilden Ritt in diesem verückten Mikro-Spiele-Wahnsinn! Ist dein Hirn schnell genug für Error Ware?


Versuche so lange wie möglich eine niemals enden wollende Serie von sekundenschnellen Mikrospielen zu schaffen. Aber es wird immer schneller und schwieriger!



  • Über 30 verrückte Mikrospiele in drei Schwierigkeitsgraden
  • Mehrspielermodus "Error Party" für bis zu 4 Spieler
  • Gameboy-mäßige "Error Boy - Games"
  • Sammle Boss-Spiele, Musik und Sticker
  • Komplett in Deutsch oder Englisch
  • Spiele mit Tastatur und Maus oder mit einer Wii Remote!

System requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 (Note: Error Ware has not been tested with Windows 8, but could work.)
  • 1 GB RAM or more
  • about 74 MB (Full Version) / 68 MB (Lite Version) free disc space
  • Mouse, keyboard
  • To play with Wii Remote: Software GlovePIE, BlueTooth-adapter, Sensorbar & Wii Remote (see details here)

Download  Lite Version 1.0 (68 MB)

If the Full Version doesn't run on your machine (e.g. older computers and notebooks), try this Lite Version. It does have all main features of the Full Version (All games, Multiplayer, Wii Mote-Support, etc.) but is missing the sticker album and music player to save some memory.


Always make sure to close all other applications and downloads before running Error Ware!

You can play Error Ware with keyboard & mouse or a Wii Remote!

Download Wiimote Pack (2MB)

Having trouble collecting all stickers? See full list of stickers here (spoilers!).

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    Unduh Lagu (Wednesday, 27 January 2016 18:23)

    Nice games, I Very like this game !