This is an unfinished project I started in college.

It´s on hold for now, because I wanted to focus on a different game (Error Ware 2).

But I thought it´s still fun enough for my first game jam, so feel free to try it!

Just be aware that there are some bugs and not that many levels.

The game has 3 different game modes:

Story mode (1 Player)

Well not that much of a story here, at least there´s a worldmap and a few stages. You earn money depending on how cool your stunts are.

Vs. Mode (2 Players locally)

You can go head-to-head via splitscreen. Same levels as the Story mode, but in a fixed order. Both players have to clear the stage to get to the next one.

Battle Mode (2-4 player locally)

This is almost a whole different game with a top-down perspective! Think of Mario Kart´s battle mode but from a bird´s eye view, with a variety of items and an annoying zooming camera. Probably the most fun if you actually have friends to play it with.

Some tips & tricks

  • In Story / Vs. Mode, your goal is to   hit the flagpole and not crash afterwards for a couple of seconds.
  • You can only accelerate & brake, you can not reverse!
  • If you leave the screen to the right, your car will reenter it on the left. Make use of it!
  • The stage with the bird is almost impossible. Try to annoy your friends with it lol
  • Reset the game by pressing [F9] if you get stuck ortry to go back to the menu with [ESC]
  • Don´t try to load a safefile when there is none
  • You can play the game with a gamepad. Space = Start (Button 10) in that case, Accelerate with Button [1]. You´ll figure it out.
  • [M] turns the music on / off
  • In Battle Mode, press Accelerate + Brakes at the same time to use an item

Cheat code for unlocking cars (glitchy)

  1. Press the [9] key on the keyboard unlocks the bus and lamborarri (though some graphics are missing / glitched)
  2. Activate the info in Story / VS mode with [i] and then press [c], you can switch cars if you unlocked them.