"UKUMAN X- The Game" is the official PC-game adaptation of the UKUMAN X animated series (check it out on YouTube!).


In this Megaman-styled Jump'n'´Shoot game UKUMAN has to defeat all 6 Robot Masters. But that´s not as easy as it sounds: 6 + 1 stages full of different enemies make this a challenging game!



  • 6+1 unique stages with bosses
  • 7 different weapons
  • tutorial mode to learn the controls
  • cool music and awesome graphics



UKUMAN is a robot boy, who doesn't want to clean up his creator's laboratory. Instead he wants to be a rockstar. While they're arguing, a big explosion destroys the underground laboratory!

UKUMAN and Dr. 20, his creator, survive the attack. But UKUMAN wants to find out who attacked them and why...


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