Get ready for the neXt dimension! UKUMAN X2: New Masters is the direct sequel to UKUMAN X-The Game.

It has more of everything: more graphics, more weapons, more enemies, more control, more... UKUMAN!

6 all-new crazy bosses like Snow Man, Witch Man or Colt Man waiting for getting kicked their metal rear ends!

The biggest Bossfight U-GameZ ever done + non stop action, explosions & challenging level design make this game a true successor!




  • Jump´n´Shoot-Style Gameplay
  • 6 +1 Stages
  •  7 Weapons
  • lots of enemies!



  • Use Arrow keys to move UKUMAN
  • CTRL to Jump
  • Space to shoot 
  • X to change weapons
  • F4 switches Fullscreen / Windowed Mode
  • F1 for help


// 2009, U-GameZ