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I now have a Patreon!

If you want to

  • support me, 
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  • get exclusive music,
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my new Patreon page is the place to be!



I'm trying to build a community, so please check it out! You get access to everything I post and share on Patreon for just 1 Dollar a month. Thank you!

Abstráctomon Video: Interaction

Abstráctomon Screenshots: Bugs and birds

Read the newest Devlog on GameJolt or!

UFEEGA battle prototype now playable as part of Fragment Jam on!

You can now play a prototype of the most recent version (2013) on! I submited it to the Fragment Jam in June-July 2019. Check it out here!


This a newer, completely different version of the game I showed of previously on my "WiWo" videos, so check it out!

U-GameZ soundtracks now on Bandcamp!

I finally created a Bandcamp profile for my game soundtracks!

I ran out of space on Soundcloud, so I figured I give Bandcamp a try.


Follow me there while I'm uploading existing soundtrack albums and brand new tracks!