I take music commissions! Write an email or message me on Twitter if you want me to help with your project. 

You can also listen to music from my games on Soundcloud and Bandcamp!


I made the soundtrack for the strategy game "Pharmakon" by Visumeca Games.


This album features 20 electro-cinematic tracks with album art and is free to download.


A soundtrack for a fighting game called "Einstekken" that never came out. 


Lots of "in your face"- electronic music in this one. Might be great for workouts!

Free to download.

Skyward Descent

I made the soundtrack for the free browser game "Skyward Descent" by Brandon Lea.


This album features 16 chill-out and atmospheric tracks with album art and is free to download.

The UKUMANX Perience


A compilation of original songs, remixes and never released tracks from the games "UKUMANX - The Game", "UKUMANX2 - New Masters" and the unreleased third game in the series, "UKUMANX3 - Red Rock Robot Rumble". 


You can listen to the tracks on Bandcamp.


If you want to support me, you can also buy the whole album for 5€ or individual songs for 0.25€ each.